Im Back!
The astute amongst you will have noticed I've not updated in over a month. This is largely because of university - the last month of my final year, so things were pretty hectic. That's all finished now, however, so I can get back to updating the site in a more timely fasion!

So, heres a quick list of what I've missed:

You can now buy the soundtrack to Darwinia directly from IV, which comes in a fantastic looking case!

There are some new extras on the Darwinia site for your downloading pleasure.

Lots of reviews and articles have been published about Darwinia and Introversion - check their site for a full list!

The Linux patch was released (a day after my last update).

Unfortunately, Ive not recieved any new mods to add to the site in the entire month. Ive recieved a couple of updates to mods, which I am currently unable to upload, but nothing else. If you have a mod which isn't on the site, I urge you to send it in! I'll be adding the functions I need to update existing mods shortly, so keep an eye out for some changes.