Mod NameFodder
Date Added2005-03-08
Download (65.63 KB)
The purpose of Fodder is so test the players skills by giving them a limited number of units with which to do each level. If the units are destroyed, the level must be restarted. You must also do the level in a single sitting - you can't start a level, leave, and come back to it later. If you do, your squad will vanish and you will have to start over.
This version contains 4 levels, and is preview of whats to come. I will eventually be expanding the mod to have a far greater number of levels, with various twists and challenges. I was hoping to have more done for this release too, but I've not had time to work on it because of University.
On each level, you start with 1 Squad containing 5 Squadies, and 1 Engineer. You are unable to create any more units, and you must finish each level with the provided ones.
There is a trunk port at the end of each level that you must activate with your engineer to unlock the next level.