Mod NameDroughtwinia
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Date Added2005-12-02
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This is, obviously, a modification for Darwinia. The idea was to demonstrate what sort of crazy mod shit you can actually do. The majority of this mod was done in a day, just to make you feel bad!

There are 7 real missions to this mod, of medium length. They're pretty much just like normal Darwinia missions, but sometimes with a bit of a spin, sometimes not. It's not really about the gameplay, though it isn't exactly boring to play.

You will find that there are no ants this mod. This is because * I * HATE * ANTS * - sorry, just had to get that out of my system.

It doesn't exactly have a plot, as I say, it's more like a demo/concept kinda thing.

Updated: 12th Dec 2005 - v1.05