Submit a Mod
If you wish to send in a mod to be added to the site, there are a couple of simple steps.
First, either zip or rar your mod, with all the relevant directories inside the zip file, so that the mod can simply be extracted directly into the mods folder.
Next, add a readme file somewhere, which should include, at the very least, your name. If you wish to include a contact email address, or a description to be listed on the site, feel free to do so. (I strongly recommend that all mods include a description of some kind)
Finally, if you wish to have a screenshot of your mod in action on the site, include it somewhere either with the mod itself, or in the email. Just make sure that its clear you want the image used.
After that, just email the mod to me at and I'll add it to the site as soon as a I get the chance! Newly added mods will be mentioned on the news page, so keep an eye out, and then tell your friends!