The first steps

The first couple of steps into making a campaign out of a sequence to levels are usually the most messy.

It's most likely you've been creating levels with the intent to connect them together, but not necesserily including the structure to do it. It's easiest to turn this into a campaign in one foul swoop, rather than doing it in parts. I'm going to hope that you haven't already started this process, as that will complicate things quite a bit.

Regardless of if this is the case, it's probably best that you complete your mod levels as much as you are going to complete them for a while, as this process can take a while and will require a lot of testing, which will be further complicated by having unfinished levels.

The next thing to do after that is, create a random spare level - having a care free space to put script triggers in to fix anything you don't make properly the first time is invaluable, you don't want to have to restart testing for every issue you find, nor start editing real levels, but, you should try not to release your mod until you have been able to successfuly be able to play it through yourself without having to do this sort of thing. Just a quick note - If you DO add a new level to your mod after you do this process, you will erase out of your game.txt any comments you may have added to make it nicer to read, AND Event AlwaysTrue (which many people use for mini introductions to their mod to make sure it plays properly) - it took me a while to work that one out, I can tell you. Usually, you can retrive those because of...

After that, there's one last important step. Go to your mod's folder, and duplicate game.txt, and rename that new file as game_unlockall.txt - this is the file that the AAA profile uses. I'm asuming that you won't have already started the campaign creation process, and still have all the mission files set in your game.txt. Doing this makes going back and editing levels *A LOT* easier, but I won't explain why, cause it's not very interesting. Basically, don't do anything with the ingame editor from this point onwards, without loading the AAA profile first.

Hopefully I didn't make you erase a bunch of stuff you wanted to keep with that debug level...

That's pretty much everything we can do to prepare. That wasn't too bad, was it?