The Scripts

Right, we need some scripts, since we just said they'd exist. Create a scripts folder in your mod folder, and create the 4 scripts we've just talked about, so, ubersux_intro, _objective, _objective2 and _complete

The Scripts
The Intro
I'm going to guess wildly that this is what I'm going to want:

cammove view1 8
say ubersux_intro_1
say ubersux_intro_2
say ubersux_intro_3
say ubersux_intro_4
say ubersux_intro_5
cammove view2 8
cammove view3 8
cammove start 3

(note the empty line at the end - ALL files must have an empty line at the end, except maybe your readme...)

The objectives
These could be a single line, or a complicated slideshow of camera pannings and such. Most people are never going to click these ever unless they forget, so you don't need a whole story about what to do, that's what the intro was for. Now, let's be SLIGHTLY LESS THAN LAZY, and put highlights in. Hence they're basically going to be:

highlight 1
say ubersux_objective_help

The outro
For this, I'm going to give our avatar speaker a one liner about how awesome you are.

say ubersux_complete

Right, that's the scripts done for now, and you can FINALLY close the mission file.

The Strings
Create the strings! New file, strings_default.txt in your mod's root folder. We can make it look pretty with comments later, but we need our string lines, so, let's create some text!

ubersux_intro_1 Good, you made it!
ubersux_intro_2 I need you to clear up this nest of Virii, they came out of nowhere I'm telling you!
ubersux_intro_3 Once you've done that, I need you to chase down the source, I think they came though this trunk port...
ubersux_intro_4 I think there's also some research in the area that may be helpful
ubersux_intro_5 Good luck, and don't underestimate those pescy spiders...

ubersux_objective Open trunk port to next area
ubersux_objective2 Whomp the Virii

ubersux_objective_help I need you to get an engineer to take over this trunk port, so you can chase that virus!
ubersux_objective2_help Use squads, or anything really, to destroy the virus in this area

ubersux_complete Woo, you're awesome, if only this mod had more than one level and you could do something useful like chase the virus!

Make sure you remember the blank line at the end of the file!