Finishing Touches

THATS IT, WE'RE DONE, we have a skeleton of a useful level! I have ACTUALLY been doing this as I've been writing it, so, if it doesn't work, expect this paragraph to be removed so I can maintain my ego...

Check you have *actually* saved everything...

Test it, and test it again, and again!

Right, so, load the game up, and enter your level. The intro script should fire off and you should see your camera float around and text get said at you! Amazing stuff, eh? Expect it to be a bit off and be too fast/slow etc. When that's done, check everything's on the right teams briefly. You may note that there's no research cube, why? Because I forgot to tell you to set it something the player won't already have, since if they do have it, it won't appear, so we'll need to fix that (unless you were clever and already did), and that there's an enable trunk port secondary objective... where did that come from? It is of course, the friendly trunk port at the start of the level. Most of the time these get activated by the previous level, but because we don't have one, we'll have to fix that... so, to the editor and set the research to be anything v3+ (I did grenade), and then save and quit again. Open up Game.txt and create a new line in the Buildings_StartDefinition section for our trunk port. This line is gonna look like;

0 2 0 11 -1 1

And that'll turn the trunk port on. Note that the teamID setting here trumps whatever's set in the editor, so if you set it to 2 here and 1 in the editor, it'd be on team 2 in the game.

Now it's time to fiddle with that intro script... Basically I know I can just put Wait 1-3 after each of the waitcams, and mine'll look good, but you don't, so unlike game.txt, you can edit the script while darwinia is open and just exit and return to the level over and over. You may find that the camera movements overshoot your intended destination, so, you may need to go to the editor and move the cameras towards the direction you move in from to negate this effect (I had to move view3 since it overshot the research slightly!)

Right, that's it, you're done, test your level and see if it all works and is actually any good!

Well, I found that my research wasn't put in as a secondary objective, so, that sucks, but I'm too lazy to fix it. If I *was* going to, I'd just put it in as a primary objective, or let the user decide it's secondary nature (players will invariably capture research, so it doesn't matter much)

The finished level!