Class B

Class B mistakes are the sort which crash darwinia out, lose any unsaved changes etc, but, nothing bad happens to your files so you can load it back up and carry on.
(Read; things to be aware of!)

Things in this section are;

- add a building in the editor
- enter a level
- midway through catpuring a building
- bring a trunkport/radar/etc *online*
- randomly while in a level, but not after very long (page 2)
- running a script
- leave the editor
- Bring a generator online

Add a building in the editor:

This is usually the result of having linking issues. In general, it's because you've got a building linked to eg 35, you deleted building 35, and have just added a new building that went in the slot 35 left which isn't a valid building for being linked to. Best bet for fixing this is delete all the links and start again, or try and manually sort it out for half an hour.

Enter a level:

Usually a result of a unit type configured in a way Darwinia doesn't like. Eg a non-inunit sqaudie, centipede, or spaceinvader. Can also be a team 1 squadie (which worked in 1.0, will crash 1.2+). If you did linking manually in a text file, this will also result in a level entry crash, but afaik no one does this other than to FIX problems. If the latter is the case, then this would really be a class A crash.

Midway through capturing a building:

Odds are, you mean in the instant where the teams change on the building. This is almost 100% for sure to be an unlinked control tower.

Bring a trunkport/radar/etc *online*:

Probably a typo in game.txt, when your global building turns online, game.txt is saved - Darwinia finds the typo and goes BLARG, and then crashes