Class C

Class C are almost inconsequential crashes that really, no one much cares about but has no idea where they come from.
(Read; polish national guard)

- quit


Odds areYou have an instant unit officer created with the editor and otherwise untouched. You'll need to go to the mission file, and change it's state to be at least 0 (1 is goto, 2 is follow, 3 is NOT absorb, absorb has no state), rather than -1. This does mean you'll lose the cool wavey white flag officer. This will fix that crash - a similar effect may be observed with armour with a state of -1, but I don't think the crash on exit happens with them.

This can also be game.txt related, if darwinia tries to save it at this point, but usually you will find another symptom of game.txt errors before you quit, so this is only a secondary, very minor possibility. It will be obvious as you won't have entered any levels with officers with white flags.