Class B continued

Randomly while in a level, but not after very long:

Probably linking related again, assuming you have linked structures in the first place - if you can't see the problem in the map file within about a minute, and have alot of probably quite messy links, just delete all the links and start over, it's just too hard to see and'll take forever. Obviously, back it up first.

Running a script:

Typo in the script, invalid operands, etc - using a 1.3 script command should crash 1.22, so, if you get alot of mac users reporting that, you'll know why. This can also be the makeavailable command, which can do crazy things.

Leave the editor:

Two things can happen here - if you exit the editor while editing a tree, it'll crash. If you leave the editor with the flatten area window open, it won't close with the editor, and if you then close it manually it'll crash.

Bring a generator online:

Apparently, bringing a non-global generator online will cause the game to crash as well.

Link X to Y:

Only certain things can be linked together. Accidently linking a spawn link to a trunk port because you missed and eradicating 40+ links is, as you can imagine, very annoying. I could indeed go into exactly every single link network, but instead, well, actually, I will. Or actually xander will.

Power System:
*Generator (must be global and have a linked ControlTower to function)
*PylonEnd (PylonEnds can link to Yards, which is how Yards can be powered)

Receiving System:
*SpiritSpawner (it is very tempting to link this to a SpawnLink -- don't do it)

*SpawnPointMaster (set global = 0 to make it invisible)
* (AISpawnPoints are not part of this system)

Mine System:
*TrackEnd (TrackStart and TrackEnd each have a toggled by option; when it is set, the editor will connect the TrackStart or TrackEnd to the toggling building with a red arrow; when the toggling building comes online, full carts that go by the TrackEnd will be emptied, and empty carts that go by the TrackStart will be filled)
*TrackJunction (a TrackJunction can be linked to one or more TrackLinks; when a cart goes under a TrackJunction, it will be teleported to one of the linked TrackLinks; to create a track-splitting effect, co-locate a TrackJunction and one or more TrackLinks, then link the TrackJunction to each of the TrackLinks; this will probably require some editing of the text files by hand)

Pattern Buffer System: