There are lots of buildings in Darwinia, each with very different purposes and functions. On top of that, each building can link to one or more other buildings to achieve various things. First off, I'll list the common controls for buildings, and then the details for each individual building, just like the Units section.

To start with, select Edit Buildings from the Main Menu. The Buildings window will appear, which contains only 2 options. Click the Building Type tab to select a building (it doesn't matter which for now), and click the Create Building button. The building will appear on the map where you put the Crosshair.
Click the building to select it, and a new window will pop up labled Building ID: #, and the number of the building. Here are the avalible options:

Unlike units, you WILL need to select move into order to move the building away from where you put it.

Allows you to rotate the building.

Believe it or not, this creates a clone of the building in the position the crosshair is pointing at.

I'm not quite sure what this does...

This allows you to link the building to another building. The arguement it takes is the building ID, but you don't need to worry about that. To link to another building, click the link button, then click the building you want to link to. A pink arrow should form between the 2 buildings. If it doesn't, it means you can't link them at all. Even if you CAN link them, it doesn't mean linking them will do anything.

The Team the building belongs too. Works in the same way as units, except T-1 is neutral.

This is a very important option. Setting this to one will mean a buildings data will be saved to the mission file rather than the map file. This is very important for buildings that are destroyed (eg. AntNests, Triffids), because if this isn't set to dynamic, the building will reappear if the save game is reloaded.

Is Global
If a building is set as Global, its Online/Offline status will be saved in the game.txt file for a users profile. Any building that can change teams or become online/offline some other way must be set to global. In most cases, your map won't load if it is set to 0.

Those are the standard options that every building has. A few buildings have unique additions to this list, which will be covered in their section.

Now, for the buildings.

The AISpawnPoint is used to spawn units when the building it is linked to comes online. In the game, it is linked to Trunk Ports in Pattern Buffer, and spawns Red Darwinians when the Pattern Buffers are captured. All Spawnpoints will stop spawning once the Primary Objectives for a mission are complete.
AISpawnPoints have 3 extra options:
Unit: The Unit defaults to Darwinian (it shows up as Darwinian in the menu), but you can change this to any unit that normally works. The unit will be on the same team that the spawn point is set to.
Count: The number of units spawned.
Period: The number of seconds the spawn point takes to recharge before it spawns more units.

AITargets are used as waypoints for Red Darwinians. An AITarget will automatically connect to all other AITargets in range (you can see the range, which is pretty large, by selecting the AITarget). In order for Red Darwinians to make use of these AITargets, you must have a single AI unit on your level.

The home of the ants. Each AntHill starts with a number of ants inside, and the ants will leave the hill and explore the area randomly. They will attack any enemy units that come into range, and carry any souls they find back to the nest, which in turn creates more ants. The Ants will even carry live Darwinians back to the AntHill!
AntHill's have one extra option:
NumAnts: The number of ants that the anthill starts with.

Part of the System found on the Pattern_Buffer level. Requires 4 Darwinians at is base to become active. Needs to be linked to a BlueprintRelay. It has 1 extra option:
Segment: Ranges from 0 to 3. There must be 4 of these, each with a different segment number, to form the complete system.

Part of the Pattern_Buffer system. It links to either another BluePrintRelay, or to the BluePrintStore. It has one extra option:
Altitude: The height the satelite floats above the ground. Defaults to 400.

The core of the Pattern_Buffer system. It must have 4 relays linked to it, each which must be, directly or indirectly, linked to a BlueprintConsole. It becomes online when the signal from each console has reached it.

Part of a bridge created by Engineers. Placing these in the level yourself has no effect.

The ends of bridges created by Engineers. Placing these in the level yourself has no effect.

The standard control tower. Links to RadarDishes, TrunkPorts and Incubators, which switch online when the ControlTower is captured by an Engineer.

Projects an image of an Armour unit in the air. Was originally used on the Yard level but has since been removed. Has no practical use.

Dispite looking really cool, it no longer has any ingame use.

Part of the system found on the Generator level. A number of Pylons link to it, and it in turn links to another pylon which sends out energy pulses. Switches online when enough power is flowing through it. The amount of power cannot be changed.

The Tipped-over TrunkPort from the Temple level. Has no real use in the game other than a prop.

The Deployed form of an Armour unit. They will not show up in the editor, which makes them impossible to move or delete without directly editing the mission file for your level, so be careful when placing them.

The standard Darwinian incubator. Engineers can dump souls into them once it has been activated, which is done by capturing the ControlTower building which needs to be linked to the incubator. Has one extra options:
Spirits: Determines the number of spirits that start inside the incubator. If set to more than 0, the incubator will start creating Darwinians at the start of the level. The Darwinians will be the same team as the incubator.

The LaserFence is the big barrier on the Containment level. Setting one up can be a little tricky, as you have to place the LaserFence structures in the order you want to link them - if you link them in anything other than ID order, they won't turn on. Each LaserFence links to the next, although they do not have to form a complete circuit. LaserFence has one extra option with 4 settings - Disabled, Disabling, Enabled and Enabling. Each of those should speak for themselves, however, if you want your fences to actually work, you need to set them all to Enabled. I've been told by Chris himself that LaserFences won't work unless they are Enabled at the start.

This does nothing.

Part of the system found on the Mine level. TrackLinks connect to the mine, and the mine connects to further TrackLinks. Any TrackLink that passes through a mine will have its cart filled with Primatives.

This building provides power to LaserFences when powered by Darwinians of the relevant team. This building is not supported properly by the game because it did not appear in the main game, and therefore is quite buggy. The game will not recognise any Darwinians of a different team in the powerstation, so they we keep on filling the bays even if other Darwinians are still there. It also does not trigger online/offline properly, however, it will activate LaserFences if linked to the first fence in a series. Unfortunately, due to an issue with the LaserFences themselves, any fence that isn't active at the start of the level won't kill units. So basically, while it sort of works, the powerstation is currently useless.

Primary Upgrade
This does nothing.

Part of the energy transfer system found on Generator and Yard. Pylons link to other Pylons and PylonEnds, and Generators and PylonStart's link to Pylons.

The end of a Pylon series. Pylon's link to these, and this links to the Yard structure, to which it provides power.

This links to other Pylons, and generates energy pulses which are sent down a Pylon series to a Yard. It has one extra option:
ToggledBy: This is the ID of the building which toggles it online (starts creating pulses). The only instance of this in the game is toggled by a TrunkPort.

The standard Transportation Radar. Link a ControlTower to one of these, and once that ControlTower is captured, you will be able to use the Radar to transport units.

Part of the system found on the Receiver level. ReceiverLinks connect to other ReceiverLinks or to the SpiritProcessor, and SpiritReceivers connect to ReceiverLinks. They are used to transport souls to the SpiritProcessor.

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