Creating Cameras is a very simple process.
From the main menu, select Edit Camera Mounts. Once you've done this, 2 new windows will open. You may as well close the Camera Anims menu, as we aren't going to use it (and I dont even know how it works, I'll add a section on it once I work it out).
First off, we'll create the camera that will be where the level starts. Change your view so that you are in a position that you would like to start your level. It doesn't matter where really, but somewhere close to where you want the action to start would be good.
Now simply click Create New Mount in the Camera Mounts window. A new entry will appear in the window, with name like blah12345. Click the name and change it to Start. From now on, when you enter your level, the camera should start from that position.
If you move away from the position, you should be able to see the little Camera marker, indicating where you were.
That's all there is to it really. Later on when we cover scripting, you'll find more uses for cameras, so remember that you can give them whatever name you want. The scripting language will refer to cameras by name, so make sure its something sensible.