Getting Started

Right, before you can create any new levels or edit your existing ones, you're going to need to enter the editor. Hit escape when you're at the map and click 'Mods'. If you've already started work on your mod, simply click the 'Load modname' button. Otherwise, click Create New Mod.

To create a new mod, you need to enter a name. The default will be MyNewMod. Delete this and enter the name for your mod, press enter, then click the 'Create' button. Doing this will create a directory with your mod's name inside the 'darwinia/mod/' directory.

Once you've done this, there should be no locations on the world map - you need to create those yourself!
After you've created a new mod, you should automatically be in edit mode. You can tell this easily because '= Editor Enabled =', followed by the mod directory will be displayed at the top of the screen. If it isn't, simply hit F9 to enable it.

To create a new map, you simply click the 'Create New Location' button in the Globalworld Editor window. However, you'll want to enter a name before you do this, unless you want your map to be called 'NewLevel'.
Click the 'name' tab and delete the NewLevel text. Enter the name for your level and press enter. Then click the Create New Location button, and a new area with your name will appear on the map.

Although the location of your level on the map wont affect the gameplay in any way, you'll probably want to move it from its original location, otherwise when you create another level, it will appear on top of your first one. To move your level, simply click 'Move Locations' in the Globalworld Editor' window, then click and drag your location. Once you've done moving, click the 'Edit Locations' button to switch back to edit mode. Before you do anything else, click the Save Locations button. If you don't do this, you might find your level moves back to the default position.

Once you've done with all this, it's time to start creating your map. Click your level to enter the map editor.